Energy Codes 121 Mentoring

Dive into the fascinating and life-changing world of The Energy Codes®
with International Licensed Facilitator
Tricia Marie as your guide

What are The Energy Codes?

The Energy Codes® are a powerful 7-Step System to heal your body, mind and spirit at the deepest levels and live with Joy.  

They have been created by Dr Sue Morter, an experienced chiropractor, who has spent decades researching and synthesising the most powerful concepts and modalities from Quantum Science, Chiropractic Medicine, Spirituality, Neuroscience and Energy Medicine into one process.

Through using your body and mind in harmony, The Codes guide you to awaken to your greatest life experience – that of living from your true, Soulful Self and heal from the inside out. 

It’s time to master your energy and start Thriving, not just Surviving!

Heal from the Inside Out

Embrace a new paradigm for health and learn how to apply it to all areas of your life

Experience Harmony

Be at peace with yourself and others, interacting from a balanced and calm state of body and mind 

Love and Honour Yourself

Learn the language of your Soul and begin living your true path

Reduce and Manage Stress

Create a toolbox of techniques to handle any stressful event that comes your way and claim back your peace

Benefits of Energy Codes Mentoring 

Take your Energy Codes journey with a trusted and experienced guide at your side

Get immediate answers to your most burning questions

Identify the key techniques from the book that are most powerful for you and learn how to practice and implement them into your life

Receive personalised support from a Licensed Facilitator who has been trained directly by Dr Sue Morter

Mentoring Packages

Align Body, Mind & Spirit 




A powerful Mentoring programme for those embarking on their journey with The Energy Codes®


3 x 60 min Mentoring sessions, scheduled every two weeks

Journey to the Soul 




A comprehensive Mentoring programme for those looking for full-circle support on their journey with The Energy Codes®


6 x 60 min Mentoring sessions, scheduled every two weeks – may include B.E.S.T. treatment as and when required

Membership to The Energy Codes Book Club during our time together

Live as Your Soulful Self 




A bespoke Personal Embodiment Experience Day to kick start your journey, followed by a comprehensive Mentoring programme for those looking for powerful and immediate transformation


1 x Embodiment day in-person or online to embody and experience transformation and learning on the deepest level

6 x 60min Mentoring sessions, scheduled every two weeks

Membership to The Energy Codes Book Club during our time together

Please Note – In order to ensure we are a great match for 121 Energy Codes Mentoring, I invite all potential clients to book a free 20 minute online consultation before we begin. This allows us to connect more deeply, talk through the Mentoring options in detail and answer any questions you may have. Simply click the button above to schedule your call!

For those who have journeyed through one of the above packages and wish to further build their knowledge or receive guidance on a specific topic, I also offer one-off 60min Mentoring sessions. Please get in touch to book.

Hi, I’m Tricia Marie!



International Facilitator of The Energy Codes®

Licensed B.E.S.T. Practitioner


The Energy Codes® have changed my life in profound ways and it’s now my great pleasure to guide others on their own personal journey of expansion and transformation through this powerful work.

The Energy Codes® bring together the most effective protocols from across chiropractic, energy medicine, spiritual modalities and quantum science – and whilst the book is written in a logical and easy-to-understand way, the depth of information can at times be dense. 

Having an experienced practitioner by your side to guide and advise you can make the difference between The Energy Codes® becoming yet another half-read book gathering dust on your shelf – or the catalyst to a new and exciting phase of your life. 

I’ve found that working one-on-one with clients to find ways to personalise techniques can be hugely beneficial and can deepen and enrich the process.

I so look forward to meeting you and guiding you through your journey to health and well being! 

My 121 Energy Codes® Mentoring Sessions and VIP Days take place online or at my beautiful, calm and spacious treatment rooms in the New Forest, Hampshire.

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