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What are The Energy Codes?

The Energy Codes® are a powerful 7-Step System to heal your body, mind and spirit at the deepest levels and live with Joy.  

They have been created by Dr Sue Morter, an experienced chiropractor, who has spent decades researching and synthesising the most powerful concepts and modalities from Quantum Science, Chiropractic Medicine, Spirituality, Neuroscience and Energy Medicine into one easy to understand process.

Through using your body and mind in harmony, The Codes guide you to awaken to your greatest life experience – that of living from your true, Soulful Self and heal from the inside out. 

It’s time to master your energy and start Thriving, not just Surviving!

Heal from the Inside Out

Embrace a new paradigm for health and learn how to apply it to all areas of your life

Experience Harmony

Be at peace with yourself and others, interacting from a balanced and calm state of body and mind 

Love and Honour Yourself

Learn the language of your Soul and begin living your true path

Reduce and Manage Stress

Create a toolbox of techniques to handle any stressful event that comes your way and claim back your peace

What will you receive when you join?

Step by Step Guidance

Through a series of twice-monthly guided discussions which build on one other, you will explore and clarify each chapter of The Energy Codes as you work at your own pace 

Personalised Expert Advice

Ask questions and receive help specific to your situation from our licensed practitioner 

New Friends

Enjoy a warm welcome and get daily support as you join our community of friendly, kind and like-minded people in our private Facebook group

Ready to Transform Your Year?

Lock In Your Understanding

Clarify your burning questions to truly understand each Code and apply them to your life for maximum effect

Step Above Your Limiting Beliefs

Transcend your doubts and fears and invite flow and ease into each day

Integrate All Parts of You

Understand how to heal and bring together every level of your life, so each complements and nourishes the other 

Breathe Deeply

Practice intentional breathwork to release stuckness, stop pain in its tracks and connect with Life

Who is Tricia Marie?

Tricia Marie is a McTimoney Chiropractor, qualified and registered in the UK.

After completing her Masters and whilst building her thriving practice, Tricia spent over a decade researching dozens of healing modalities, determined to find the best possible way to help her clients - and herself.

When she found the work of Dr Sue Morter, she knew her search was over.

In a comprehensive yet deceptively simple process, The Energy Codes® bring together the most effective protocols from across chiropractic, energy medicine, spiritual modalities and quantum science.

Tricia Marie now practices from her beautiful space in the New Forest, and works with clients from all over the world through online sessions.    

As an Additional Bonus, all Book Club Members receive a 10% discount on 121 Energy Codes Mentoring with Tricia

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