The Science Revealing an Emerging Understanding of the Body


McTimoney chiropractic is based on the biology of wholeness and views the body as an integrated, intelligent system. This dynamic, living system co-ordinates the workings of the fifty trillion cells in our body by using a great number of criss-crossed energy pathways and subtle, energetic layers of super-fast communication which are embedded through the tissues of the body, think nadis and meridians used to explain acupuncture, in addition to the pathways we have long known about which comprise the neural and peri-neural nervous system.

In addition, McTimoney chiropractic is a whole body treatment which means that we strive to mobilise every bone in the body at every treatment. This holistic approach is vital as we view the body as an integrated, multifunctional system and this is fundamental to the McTimoney protocol.

The power of addressing the whole body in every single treatment has recently been highlighted by the concept of BIOTENSEGRITY. This word is combination of the words ‘biology + tension + integrity’.


Tensegrity can be used describe a structure, like this model, as a continuous compression structure with stable struts and tension lines. When this concept is applied to the body it becomes known as biotensegrity. Thus the body is a biological, continuous compression structure with the ‘stable’ struts largely being the bones, and the tension lines being the ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Viewing the body in this way reveals that if you put pressure into the structure at one point the deformation will be distributed over the entire structure, causing every part to be affected.

In terms of the body, this means that the ‘load’ that is causing pain or strain in the low back may be due to the misalignment of a bone in a very different place i.e. in the foot or the pelvis. This highlights the value of treating the entire body at every treatment as the integrity and tensional balance of the whole body structure can be addressed rather than focusing exclusively on the site of the symptomatic pain.

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