The Synergy of McTimoney & B.E.S.T Blended Treatments

“Align the Body with McTimoney,

Release the Energy Flow with B.E.S.T. ,

Improve your Health & Vitality for Life”


– Tricia Hobbs MChiro MMCA

Licensed B.E.S.T. Practitioner

am excited to be able to offer a specialised, ‘blended’ treatment for my clients which addresses both the physical alignment of the body, utilising gentle McTimoney chiropractic adjustments, and the power of B.E.S.T. to remove interference or blockages in the energy system and to bring de-activated energy circuits on-line. The synergy offered by combining these two treatments allows the body to have a wonderful opportunity to heal in as short a time as possible.

For instance, a significant feature of this blended approach is the ability to safely balance the atlas, which is a crucial bone at the very top of your neck, before the energy treatment is addressed. The atlas bone, the first vertebrae in the spine, forms part of the delicate atlanto-occipital joint at the base of the occiput which is, in fact, a very important energetic gateway for the entire human energy system. I hope that this example allows you to understand how, by gently re-aligning the physical structure of the body, we can support the energy flow throughout the body. This is vitally important because until the energy is flowing in the body it will not be flowing in our life. Until the energy flow is restored to an area of the body the more significant any disorder or disease process is likely to become in that place.

I look forward to serving you in this way

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Treatment Prices

In Person Initial Consultation:
B.E.S.T. + Chiro Blend




A comprehensive 120 minute in-person consultation for those starting their B.E.S.T. journey 


A full assessment of your current situation and physical evaluation, inc. medical history

In Person Regular Treatment:
B.E.S.T. + Chiro Blend




A regular in-person session for those who’ve undergone an Initial Consultation and are in the midst of a Bespoke Treatment Plan


A 60 minute treatment using B.E.S.T. & McTimoney Chiropractic as needed

Please Note – In order to achieve optimal results and ensure rebalancing becomes permanent within the body, several sessions will most likely be required. The number needed will depend upon the presenting issues, and will be assessed and shared with you during the Initial Consultation

I started my journey with Tricia a few years ago when I came to see her for McTimoney. When she moved into energy healing I was very interested as this is something I work with also.

Initially, I was a little unsure how much I would get out of the treatment, as we did it all over Zoom. But Tricia explained everything as we went along, and I soon felt at ease.

I found the first treatment a lot to think about but felt so relaxed straight after. As the days went on I started to feel empowered and emotionally stronger. I felt such a calmness in everyday life as things that would normally stress me just didn’t!

The 2nd and 3rd treatment went one step further and helped to address my physical issues. I had a bad hip which felt much easier after the treatment and continued to get better as the days went on.

Overall B.E.S.T. with Tricia has helped me so much, both physically and emotionally. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with this energy healing that I want to look into myself!

Thank you Tricia – you have truly helped me feel more connected and calm.


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All my in-person treatments take place at my beautiful, calm and spacious treatment rooms in the New Forest, Hampshire.