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BioEnergetic Synchronisation Technique 

B.E.S.T. is a gentle, painless way to restore balance and remove deep-seated trauma from the mind and body. In-person & remote

McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment

Re-align your body and release interference within your nervous system to improve function throughout your body

Energy Codes Mentoring & Facilitation

Deepen your knowledge and learn how to integrate the Energy Codes® into your everyday life with 121 mentoring & guidance

The Energy Codes Book Club

Join me & a community of like-minded people on this guided journey through the life-changing work of
The Energy Codes®

To really heal and experience our true nature, we must bring our energy to life within our physical body. 

This is the most reliable and effective path to lasting, positive change and wholeness”

Dr Sue Morter

Hello and Welcome to Bodywise BioEnergetics!

It’s a pleasure to have you here.

I’m Tricia, a trained McTimoney Chiropractor, qualified and registered in the UK.

After completing my Masters and whilst building my thriving practice, I spent over a decade researching dozens of healing modalities, determined to find the best possible way to help my clients – and myself!

When I found the work of Dr Sue Morter, I knew the search was over.

In a comprehensive yet deceptively simple process, The Energy Codes bring together the most rigorous and effective protocols from across chiropractic, energy medicine, spiritual modalities and quantum science.

And I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Wow! The treatments I received from Tricia made such an impact.

I had neck and shoulder pain, my asthma was worse than usual and I was dealing with 3 very stressful situations.

Immediately after the first treatment I felt amazing. Tricia is very professional and made me feel relaxed and calm. I woke the next morning with a confident plan of how to deal with my issues, and my physical ailments felt much better!

Karen M