I love BodyAwake® Yoga. It has been a joy to practice and a very important part of my inner journey of personal growth. When I first experienced BodyAwake® Yoga it felt like yoga ‘on steroids’, something very significant happened to me and I felt very different in my brain and in my core.

It really can get to parts of the mind that we cannot access with our thoughts alone. Yoga helps us break out of repetitive patterns of thinking because as we move and unwind our body we also allow our mind to naturally relax and open in ways it may not be able to do in any other circumstance. Even small changes in the body can bring life–changing  results.

No matter where we are physically we can always engage in a yoga practice, I am able to offer chair adaptations for so all can benefit from developing a yoga practice.


  • Stop living in your head by training your mind to focus on your core, where the real, authentic version of you resides.
  • Heal your body naturally as you activate energetic circuitry within your system.
  • Open your body to allow for greater possibilities in your life. (If it’s not happening in your life, it’s not happening in your body.
  • YOGA is balance, the yolking of the body, mind and breath, it is the gateway to the discovery and embodiment of who we truly are.


Yoga is a really focused and beautiful way to strengthen the body, tone the body and enhance your energy system by bringing your consciousness – the truth of who you really are- into the core of your body. It’s like a living prayer, working with sacred geometries to bring the energy through our body and enliven our chakra system. This is our purpose on the mat.

If we hold the place for peace we do make a difference in this world.  We can join together in the embodiment practices of BodyAwake® Yoga and we have the ability to integrate and ground ourselves as towers of light emanating and radiating a frequency which is unalterable, unwavering, one that is able to transmute anything that approaches it when it is imbued with enough love and compassion.

Please contact me to enquire about my small group classes and one-to-one yoga sessions which I can tailor to your individual needs in terms of rehabilitation from injury, strengthening of the body, developing and toning musculature and supporting you on your important journey of embodiment and awakening.

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