My Philosophy – The Power of BioEnergetics

BioEnergetics is a body-focused approach to healing that is based on the understanding that we are all fundamentally energy beings. Our electro-magnetic blueprint creates our physical body so, by working at this causal energetic level we , we have a wonderful opportunity to heal the physical body and also pre-empt the development of physical symptoms by healing interferences in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body.

The approach of BioEnergetics enables us to work through the personal gaps in our energy field which are usually the result of past traumatic events. If the traumas and events that arise in our lives are not able to be fully expressed and integrated at the time when they occurred they will be stored in our energy system, in the tissues of our body and in the sub-conscious mind. Healing happens on many levels as a by-product of releasing them. When we understand the energy paradigm and realise health is sustained by clearing and strengthening the flow of energy in our body through our energy circuits it can change our life. This knowledge allows the individual to target the cause of a physical symptom, clear it and start to flourish on all levels physical, emotional, spiritual and mental and to live in a healthy and joyful way.

We are born with all the energy circuits we will ever need already in and around the body but sometimes these circuits have never been ignited because our experience of life did not allow for that and some circuits may have gone off-line due to the experiences and challenges we have had to face in our lives. When energy flow gets interrupted within these circuits it will be expressed through the body as recurring negative patterns in our life or as symptoms and health challenges and in order to become the best, most effective, happy and successful version of ourself in all areas of our life flow must be restored to these energy circuits. Energy circuits are restored when we breathe in a conscious way that integrates the body and mind with the breath, which is regarded as Spirit in the body. This circuit-building is supported by understanding the simple but fundamentally important energy paradigm, chakra-related breathwork, B.E.S.T. healing modalities, practical and accessible energy exercises and BodyAwake Yoga (with chair options). I can offer all of these modalities in person and on-line either as part of a personal Life Coaching program or separately.

This approach offers powerful, practical techniques to remove the energetic blocks in your energy system so restoring clear and robust flow through your energy circuits resulting in improvements in your health and in all aspects of your life – your physical body, overall health and well-being and, because everything is connected, the improvement will be felt in your relationships, dreams and inspirations as well.

There is a direct spiritual dimension to this energetic paradigm because the recognition of the energy flow in the body also reveals the presence of Spirit, Source or the Universal Intelligence in the body. It is one and the same and that understanding in turn leads us to recognising our connection with our soul or higher self.

This bio-energetic understanding of life is applicable and relevant to all people at any stage of life. It goes well beyond healing the physical body and can activate healing on all levels mental, emotional and spiritual which results in you feeling whole and complete, confident in who you are. In practical terms it can help you move from states of

confusion, anxiety and exhaustion

to states of

joy, clarity, wellness and sustainable success.