My Philosophy – The Power of BioEnergetics

BioEnergetics is a body-focused approach that the world needs if it is to develop a sustainable, harmonious and loving paradigm. It allows the individual to flourish, live in a joyful and authentic way, reveal their unique gifts to the world and develop an enriched, vibrant, compassionate world which will reflect Heaven on Earth.

The approach of BioEnergetics recognises that we are all fundamentally energy beings. It enables you to work through the personal blocks in your energy field which manifest as recurring negative patterns in your life or health challenges to become the best, most effective, happy and successful version of yourself in all areas of your life. These blocks are stored in your energy system, in the tissues of your body and in the sub-conscious mind. Healing happens on many levels as a by-product of releasing them.

This approach offers powerful, practical techniques relevant to every person on the planet… and enhances all aspects of your life – your work, health, relationships, dreams and inspiration.

By weaving all these strands into a beautiful tapestry you will be able to live as your authentic self. This can be done by focusing on your SOUL CONNECTION. There are truly no distinctions in the soul, which is always fully integrated, whole and complete. It is our mind that starts to compartmentalise our lives in order to help us navigate this world of duality and provide us with a sense of identity, that is why we can be seen differently by our work colleagues as opposed to our family, our spiritual community and our friends.

This fragmentation of our personality and our lack of connection to our soul affects the way we live our lives. All aspects of our lives, every choice we make, is impacting our Spiritual Path and leading us closer to pain or to bliss whether we know it or not.

In choosing to learn to listen to your soul through its connection to your body, you can learn to be self-referencing, to make decisions based on your highest good which will also be for the highest good for everyone else as well. You will learn to connect to your Soulful Self and raise your vibration, to dwell in and awaken to a greater sense and experience of love in your life. You will become more tolerant, more forgiving and life will be more fulfilling and joy-filled in every aspect of your experience. 

We are all leaders, sovereign beings, able to make choices in our lives. We are each here to carve our own pathway, to initiate creativity and express our own dreams and desires and allow others to do the same. Working with the body can connect you to your Soul, your higher self and that will change your life in wonderful and enriching ways. Your mind will learn to serve you living in this way.

This approach is applicable and relevant to all people at any stage of life and can help you move from states of confusion, anxiety and exhaustion to joy, clarity, wellness and empowerment. 

As the energy flow is restored, you will see changes on many levels very quickly. These can include improvements and healing in mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions, greater energy, motivation and clarity, and restoration of balance and wellbeing in every area of your life.